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The National Federation for Land-Based Contractors (FNEDT) is the professional organisation which gathers the agricultural, forestry and rural contractors.

It undertakes the representation, defence and promotion actions of the profession within the public authorities and the professional organisations. Since 2002, it is chaired by Gérard NAPIAS who is an agricultural and forestry contractor in the Landes. 

Created in 1922, the professional organisation gathered historically threshing contractors. The diversity of the activities and the gathering of other federations, have given a new impetus to its action in 2002, by merging with FNSETF (National Federation of Forestry Company Unions). In 2003, the National Federation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors (FNETARF) becomame the “National Federation of Land-based Contractors” (FNEDT).

FNEDT are women, men, a network committed to serve agricultural, forestry and rural contractors in order to develop the markets. Being key players in the rural sector,  the 21 000 agricultural, forestry and rural contractors and their 95 000 permanent and seasonal employees carry out works for farmers and forest owners, for companies, for local communities and public institutions managing different types of networks.

Today the Federation contains 65 departmental unions and 20 regional unions, 16 of which are constituted to date. At European level, it is member of CEETTAR (European Organisation of Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Contractors, www.ceettar.eu), which represents 150 000 independent companies and 600 000 workers in 15 Member States.